Car Rental Booking

Business Travel’s car rental booking service

When you need to hire a car, even at short notice, MTS Business Travel can help. We can access the very best car hire rates in Maputo and other major Provinces. We negotiate exclusive deals on your behalf with a range of car hire firms. The rates we secure always reflect generous discounts and can include additional benefits. We book with leading vehicle rental brands as well as local reputable companies, as these often offer excellent value for money and a more personalized service.


MTS Business Travel’s 24/7 out of hours service

Sometimes circumstances change and new travel arrangements are required. At MTS Business we operate 24 hours a day seven days a week, dealing with last minute changes or providing valuable support is all part of the service. Wherever you or your employees are, whether you need to make a new booking or make a change to an existing booking, or need emergency support: our 24/7 out-of-hours team is on hand. Our out-of-hours cover provides:

  • Immediate response from someone familiar with your needs
  • Continuity of service 365 days per year
  • Proactive travel advice
  • Access to the latest travel information

Like your daytime account management team, our out-of-hours travel specialists have secure access to all your company and traveler profiles. This is important as it allows each consultant to deliver the same high level of customer service as our daytime teams – and also helps to relieve stress for the traveler.


MTS Business Travel Team

If you choose to work with MTS Business Travel, you’ll benefit from a dedicated account manager and an experienced team of travel specialists – available day or night and providing a guaranteed response within the hour. We take pride in delivering service excellence, no matter how large or small your business travel needs. Through experience we’ve found that having continuity of contact, a dedicated team of staff who are available 24/7, makes a big difference to service delivery and is the only way to effectively build trust and establish successful, long-term business relationships.

Each individual assigned to your account will therefore get to know you and your staff, and quickly become a partner you and your colleagues can rely on. You’ll have direct dial phone numbers and email addresses so contact can always be made when required.To ensure our staff are equipped to provide the excellent customer service we promise, we undertake ongoing training to continuously enhance and expand their skills. All team members are empowered with the latest technology and product knowledge, making them incredibly proficient at what they do.

Your Experience

Going on an Experience Tour means immersing yourself totally in a particular environment so you can gain a first-hand perspective of the situation or context. Experience Tours can help ‘ground’ your thinking; they give you a clear perspective for developing ideas that are intimately connected with the people you’re working for. Take this opportunity and Enjoy!

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