Who has never thought of getting out of the rut without leaving the country? Go out as a family and make the most of the good times and expand the horizons of knowledge in a playful way? It is super important to appreciate all the moments we spend with our families, after all we all came from one. Furthermore, it is said that the family is our base. But you must be asking yourself, where does all this interconnect? Look. We have recently spent more time with our families. On the one hand, in these journeys we must be learning more about each other. Maybe discovering each other’s habits or habits, because before there was no space or we didn’t give ourselves space to know all of this, but we are loving it all. On the other hand, the fact of discovering habits or habits of each other is making living together exhausting, irritating, boring or anything else. So, know something, this is the reality that was hidden. Family members did not know each other for a long time, so they did not know the things they are now knowing. This is the royal family. So, is this good or bad? This is good, because imagine that there never was such an opportunity. We would live with strangers in our home. We wouldn’t know what each of us actually is like, because in our day-to- day hustle and bustle, sometimes we don’t give ourselves a space to live in the true meaning of living. We do not greet each other properly, early in the morning, we do not ask what the day was like at night when we returned to the house, as we are all tired and, finally, we used the house as the “roof”. So, what does all this benefit? Let’s go back to the first paragraph. Getting out of the rut is not just for boyfriends, couples or a group of friends. The family needs this, even more than the others, because family is the base and when the base is not solid, compromising everything that comes on top. Now get yourself thinking together with your family. Make dark during the weekends, during the holidays. They all went to other cities, towns or even provinces. Enjoy the moments together to talk, have fun, learn and teach and above all to be happy. New times will come. For now, the tip is to STAY AT HOME.

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