Tourism is not just a practice for international people. The act of doing tourism is a desire of those who want to discover the world, cultures, people and things, through stories told, visits made and facts experienced. During a trip or sightseeing tour people determine points to pass, choose places to stay or even leave without a fixed destination. However, it can be understood that when people choose a specific country, city, town or place to know, they intend to experience events, kill curiosities, study phenomena, meet people, cultures or even things. Given the cultural diversity and natural wealth that Mozambique has, many people dream of getting to know or even travel to get to know it. However, they do not know the biggest sights or still do not know what to do when they are here. According to the reports and records made, there are places that are considered major tourist attractions and others yet to be visited, one of which is the capital of Mozambique (Maputo). In the capital, there are several places that register more visits to tourism, some of which are the CFM – Mozambique Railways, Natural History Museum, Maputo Cathedral, Tunduru Botanical Garden, Iron House, Xipamanine Market and Casa da Noleen. Casa da Noleen is a tourist residence in the city of Maputo, which receives people who want to do tourism and stay in a single space. It has several compartments; pool, garage, Eden garden and more. It is a real tourist house. Another place in Mozambique that is a tourist spot is Tofo Beach, which is in the province of Inhambane (land of good people) and can offer visitors impressive experiences, scuba diving, beautiful views at Tofinho Beach and Barra Beach. The Quirimbas Archipelago, in Cabo Delgado, can provide tourist experiences such as fishing, visits to the ruins of Ibo Island, beaches, reefs and is a great place to see Whales and Dolphins. It is said that one of the best ways to get to know the world is traveling and one of the most suitable places to travel is Mozambique, not only for the existing places, but also for the experiences that each place provides, from gastronomy, dance, music, humor and receptivity Mozambicans have. As it is understood that as time passes the demand for activities carried out on the internet has increased, more and more people are getting to know Mozambique and the world more easily. They choose to mark the tourist spots they intend to visit in a country and through tourism agencies they have better experiences and security during their journeys. Meet Mozambique through MTS.

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