Our Culture, Your Tourism


The culture’s people can be studied through several aspects. The language (which is the main one), tradition, habits and customs, among others. Because CULTURE itself is understood to be “… all that process that includes knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, law, customs and all other habits and abilities acquired by man as a member of society” (Edward Tylor; 1832-1917) Mozambique is a country that was influenced by the Portuguese at the beginning of its formation as a country, acquired habits and customs of that people, but due to its originality, when it became an independent country in 1975, it gained autonomy to not let its originality die. Anyone visiting Mozambique from the North to the South can see the variety of cuisine, landscape, dance, music, and customs that each province, locality or community has. It is a set of differentials that delight those who want to know the real Mozambique. From Rovuma to Maputo and from Zumbo to the Índico, we are about 27 million people, from Macuas, Elomwes to Machanganas, we dance Xugubo, Mapiko, Tufo to Marrabenta and cook from Cafrial Chicken to Zambeziana, Mucapata to Peanut Curry of chicken. We parade in the Bazaruto Archipelagos, Quirimbas, on Mozambique Island and Benguerra, in Gorongosa National Park to Inhaca Island. The love, affection and dedication that Mozambicans have for what is theirs makes them attract visitors and allows them to present their country without needing a written text, because the physical spaces, the language and the presentation of habits sites themselves are representative and attractive enough to describe you. Mozambique is a multicultural country, which even the natives have not yet exhausted the diversity that the country offers. This ranges from the tongue to how to dress. Have you ever wondered what you can do on your holiday in Mozambique? Due to cultural diversity, the country ends up becoming a tourist attraction, both for natives and not. It is a space that makes it possible to make several trips regionally, leave marks and make friends, since Mozambicans are, for the most part, a friendly and welcoming people.

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